19th April:

18:30: Presentation by Julio Weiss of Visual Arts Factory: Save the Salt Flats “Beyond 2012 - Creating Awareness: Analyzing the Current System and Designing the Future in Harmony with Nature.”

Place: Univalle (AV Soc 4)
Event number: 161

If you won´t be able to attend and you are interested in receiving info and updates on the project including Venus Project, Willkakuti and Barrios Ecologicos, please leave your info at:

20th April:

3:00PM. - Opening of the Eco Village with music, food and refreshments. The Eco Village opens to the public. There will be a series of spaces (rooms) with projects prepared by different local groups and international bodies to contribute to the environment, climate stabilization and the world. We have architects, artists, NGOs, journalists, filmmakers and others for this event.

7PM - 1AM. - The music concerts begin. The bands that have decided to donate their time in support of this event are:

Day21 (great rocking teenagers – Santa Cruz)
Murga de San Garrote (rock – Cochabamba)
Aliaga7 (underground rock – de Sorata a-Marte)
Oil (Grunge – Cochabamba)
Mammut (Indie rock – Cochabamba)
Cartel Afónico (rock – Cochabamba)
Garabato (the new band of Alejandro Delius – rock – La Paz)

21st April:

3:00PM. - Opening of the Eco Village with music, food and refreshments.

8.00 – 10PM Screening of Documentaries

“Fierce Light” (in English): where spirit meets action - award winning Canadian film director Velcrow Ripper will attend the event.

“Time is running out” (in Spanish): climate change in Bolivia and its effect on rural communities.

Architect Mario Moscoso ( presents his New Ecological Centre, where the amenities of urban living are replaced by a rural and agricultural life.

“Four Years Go” ( A project encouraging each individual to join in taking steps to make this world a better place in the next 4 years. Prepared by Fundación Pachamama (joined by the director).

10:00PM -1:00AM: Rave party with DJ´s, including Ludwig from Germany and Michael Stone from California.